About Buffy

I attended the FIDER accredited program at Kent State University to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. While studying there, I began honing my skills through internships at Buehrer Group Architecture & Engineering, Inc. as well as Candace Sveda Interior Design.

Four years later, my career officially began as an Interior Designer at Hobbs+Black Associates in Toledo, Ohio. My knowledge of architecture and interior design quickly expanded due to the small office environment that allowed me to be highly involved in all phases of each project.

In 2004, I obtained NCIDQ certification and was offered another Interior Design position at A3C Architects Collaborative in Ann Arbor, MI. The next five years at A3C were full of diverse project types that involved a wide range of teams, challenges, and design styles. I further gained technical and creative knowledge, but most importantly, learned the importance of effective, honest, and open communication.

Despite the strong rapport and credible reputation I developed with colleagues and clients, I found myself unemployed due to the effects of the struggling economy in 2010. The combination of past experiences, passion for interior design, and determination to succeed led me to the establishment of Buffy McConnell Interior Design, LLC. Since then, God has blessed me with an abundance of project opportunities, and I am very grateful for each and every one of them. I continue to enjoy working with a diverse clientele; creating interiors that exceed expectations.